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Mobile App (Concept)

Keoli TV


Keoli TV is an accurate TV listings app for all the major French channels. The app shows 7 day schedule for over 450 channels and it let user discover more about their favourite shows and movies.

Actually, everything users need to know is included like the cast, images, posters and even the user rating. You can also add an alert on specific programs, filter by type of TV show and many other smart features.

Let's start by

Header Blue


Overlay Blue


Button Pinky/Red



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Body text

Discover important
App Views
TV guide overview

After getting logged, you discover instantly what's going on TV among all the available channels with a real timer bar. You can check out the name, the beginning and ending schedule and the category of any shows. I did choose dark blue for the main background because the app will be mostly use by night.

TV show detail

Once you click on a TV show, you can access to the resume and even more like section cast, pictures, synopsis by scrolling down. Indeed, after scrolling a bit, the menu is fixed on the top and each section name is highlighted according the scroll position on the page. Moreover, there are 3 actions buttons on the top: adding a TV show to your wish list, one to make an alert and even a third one to share the program with your friends.

Program Overview

With a simple right or left drag, you can easily take a look at all the programs hour by hour on the selected TV channel. By scrolling down the screen, you can access to the rest of the channels. I decide to make this feature only in portrait mode because of accessibility. According to me, users will prefer to see more tv shows in time for few channels than watch just further channel and having just one or two TV show displayed.