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Get sporty


Get sporty is a mobile app available on the AppStore that helps people to find the right sport class around them without any annual subscription.

Through this App you can filter your research according to sports that you wish to practice, book your course in advance directly from the platform. You can also rate your coach and leave a comment after attending the course.

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Primary colors






Additionals colors






Body text


Headlines / SubHeadlines

Discover important
App Views
Course detail

The aim was to display information like the coach's picture and his/her resume, the rating given by the users, course hours as well as the location of the gymnasium. At the bottom, I designed a "purchase button" with orange color to focus the user on the most probable action to do on this page. There's also a friend invite button which is more discreet.

Sticky header

By scrolling down the course detail, you can still see what is the type of activity and add this course to your favorite list.

Sticky bottom

I've chosen to use sticky buttons visible at the bottom in order to help user to purchase or invite friends to the course without scrolling.

Activity explorer

On this page, users can navigate through many types of activity like Dance, Cardio Fighting sports and so on ... To simplify their use of the App, I made a color palette to differentiate each category of sports (blue, red, yellow and green). Moreover, you can directly see the price, distance from you, and coach information, without clicking on the course.

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Coach profile

This page helps users to learn more about the coach before purchasing their course. That's why I decided to put all useful information as picture, rating and description of coach at the top of the page. You can also see what kind of activity each coach is teaching by color sport tags.

Let's exploring
in details
Card system

All important information like title and hour course, activity tag, name/rating of the coach is displayed on the right side.

On the top right, you can add the course to your favorite list. Then you can also see the course price tag.

Ticket form

I tried to resume all important information in the same way than a flight boarding pass. It's well segmented and separate by horizontal/vertical lines.

An easy way to purchase further tickets by clicking + button. Once you made your choice, you click on the purchase orange button.

Filter fields

Radio buttons

This kind of action button is really common to use. You just need to choose your sex.

Select Date / Hours

Inspired by android mobile input you can click on the selector and adjust it according your temporal preference.


This is the best way to calibrate a price range. Sold prices will be updated once, you'll drag the round button.

How could i
book a course?